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UKVirtual is a virtual Airline based on community flying, giving pilots the ability to fly were they want, when they want, in the aircraft of there choice. With over 170 airlines and 40,000+ schedules to choose from, we have something for everyone. This includes the full schedule base of the likes of Ryanair, American Airlines, EasyJet, Southwest, Emirates etc etc so why just fly for one airline when you can have them all in one place ? We are a VATSIM recognized airline, running monthly events, competitions and prize draws. Come and have a look at what we have to offer!

What makes us special?

Ever since we were founded back in 2012 as a casual flying group, we have gone from strength to strength. UK virtual has stood the test of time, moving rapidly, evolving and always adopting a unique and unbreakable spirit of community.

At UK virtual, we offer our members ultimate flexibility about where they fly. Our members can choose from thousands of pre-defined airline schedules, or they can define their own flight using Charter Mode.

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Reviews (18)

  • Sergio Valenzuela
    Dec 8th 2023

    Great VA, they have a lot of airlines and a lot of schedules but the downside is their website. lacks of stats and not a good design if that means something for you but I think the biggest letdown is that you need to become a member (pay) so you can fly almost all the tours they offer

  • Lewis Hammett UNI1992
    May 18th 2023

    Very good VA. I have tried a few, but no other VA can get this about of freedom for route or aircraft selection. GA tours are my favourite. Xmas tour is very fun

  • TOM1478
    May 17th 2023

    been with them for over 2 years and love all the routes and flights

  • UNI2494
    May 17th 2023

    The best VA , being able to fly all aircraft, all airlines, routes and charter flights. Regular group flights and competitions results in a very immersive experience. Good community and always helpful if needed.

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