Sundair Virtual

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Welcome to Sundair Virtual !

Established in 2022, we simulate the current operations of Sundair.

Sundair Virtual solely use (and swear by) vAMSYS' ACARS system called Pegasus to track our flights, this software allows us to track all aspects of your flight which will score you on various parameters which can be found in the Points Manual under the Documents section of our vAMSYS page - this is where you will be directed if you wish to join us.

What makes us special?

We operate a relaxed virtual airline, with light activity policies, giving you the time to fly as and when you can. That’s what makes us one of the special virtual airlines out there.

Our Discord server is the hub of the virtual airline and you will be able to access this through our vAMSYS page upon registration. This is where we also offer exclusive checklists, documents and liveries!

Callsigns Prefixes used by Sundair Virtual:


Reviews (4)

  • Berend-Jan
    Feb 6th 2024

    Nice VA with realistic routes and friendly staff!

  • Stefan / Stefan SDR-0016
    Jan 24th 2023

    My favorite virtual airline! The staff is the best, and they have great routes aswell as all charter flights that are flown IRL, great planes! Best VA :D

  • Robin
    Jul 27th 2022

    Very nice routes with nice aircraft

  • Fritz
    Jul 18th 2022

    Best Virtual Airline👌🏻

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Launch Date: 2022-05-23

Airline Types

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Charter Airline

Aircraft Types

A319 | Airbus A319

A320 | Airbus A320

Supported Sims

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

P3d v5

X-Plane 11

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