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We are one of the oldest and most experienced virtual airlines in service today. Our staff have a multitude of experience within the aviation and flight simulation community. We strive to make ourselves better at any opportunity while we maintain a friendly and welcoming attitude to all levels of pilots. Our

What makes us special?

Vast array of experience in running the virtual airline since 2004. We have a great network of pilots from all levels of experience. We cater for the real world enthusiast using up to date current fleet and routes as well as our historical die hard fans who like to fly our vintage aircraft on the old selected routes.

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Reviews (4)

  • James | EIN2396
    Jun 6th 2024

    Flying for Alva for almost 1 year now and I have to say cant meet a better bunch of people. Friendly and helpful with up to date routes and fleet info. A massive plus is that they are starting monthly online network events. Moreover in July a huge celebration for their 20th year anniversary. Lovely pilots and wonderful staff...... What are you waiting for :) Join a long running Va with lots of knowledge and history.

  • Mike mckay
    Jun 6th 2024

    alva is the real shamrocks of the skys!

  • Simon - EIN1146
    Jun 2nd 2024

    I've been flying for ALVA for 2 years, one of the best VAs out there. As well as faithfully recreating the airlines current operations, there is also a range of historic routes featuring classic aircraft from Aer Lingus' past.

  • Darragh - EIN1947
    Mar 4th 2024

    I fly for ALVA(Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines) The Enivironment within ALVA is great, the Airline has a really good community with many pilots willing to help each other out and pass on their knowledge to new sim pilots. ALVA have realistic routes that are updated to match Aer Lingus real-world schedule, and the really great part is you can fly as casually(1 pirep per Month) or as seriously as you like, the VA provides all the resources to simulate real life operations in the sim environment. I have really enjoyed my time flying with ALVA.

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