Air Dolomiti Virtual

Fly with us and discover the Italian way to fly.

Air Dolomiti Virtual is a virtual airline that lets you fly as a pilot of Air Dolomiti, a real regional carrier based in Italy. You can fly over 100 routes across Italy and Europe, using a modern fleet of Embraer 190 and 195 aircraft. You track your flights on the newsky platform, a realistic and challenging platform for virtual airlines, and on the popular networks of Vatsim and IVAO, where you can interact with real ATC and other pilots. Air Dolomiti Virtual is a friendly and professional community of simmers who love aviation and flying. Join us today and enjoy a new level of virtual flying.

What makes us special?

Air Dolomiti Virtual is a unique and innovative way to experience the flights of Air Dolomiti, the Italian airline that connects Germany and Italy with exclusive service and quality. Air Dolomiti Virtual allows you to fly the Embraer 195 or 190 aircraft! You can also enjoy the digital services of Air Dolomiti, such as managing bookings, current flight status, and chat service. Air Dolomiti Virtual is the perfect choice for aviation enthusiasts who want to discover the beauty and culture of Italy and Europe from the sky.

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Launch Date: 2023-12-30

Airline Types

Passenger Airline

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Aircraft Types

E190 | Embraer 190 / Lineage 1000

E195 | Embraer 195

Supported Sims

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

X-Plane 11

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