Brussels Airlines VA

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founded in January 2015 by Joeri Luckermans.
A virtual airliner that was based on the foundations of SN Virtal Airlines Group.
The SN Virtual Airlines Group ( SVAGroup ) was founded on July 1st, 2001, shortly after Sabena was bankrupt and the original Sabena VA needed to upgrade to the newly formed national airline "SN Brussels airlines".
The concept was simple, recreate flights of Sabena and SN Brussles Airlines in the virtual world. After 13 years it was time for a change.
The original staff had left to persue other challenges and Joeri created what is now Brussels Airlines.
5 years later, one of the original Sabena VA founders, Tim Verbesselt chose to come back and help out in the newly formed VA staff.

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Reviews (6)

  • Scubart
    Oct 20th 2023

    My one stop shop virtual airline, I'm a fan !

  • BEL455
    Oct 14th 2023

    Nice people there, made my virtual airline dream come true. Doing research about Sabena made me find them. You can fly the current schedule or charter flights and recreate historic flights with old planes, too.

  • Olivier /BEL439
    Oct 9th 2023

    A nice, accurate and reliable platform to generate SN BRUSSELS AIRLINES VA flights and also charter flights. I am an addict!

  • Alexis BEL083
    Oct 8th 2023

    I fly only for this virtual company because schedule are accurate and of course, as I belgian, I'm proud to represent on IVAO network :)

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Launch Date: 2015-01-01

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