Bush Eagles Airways

A fictional virtual airline headed in Boston/MA that travels around United States, and international routes, using the brand new and fantastic Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as plattaform.

Bush Eagles Airways was born from an idea of a brazilian guy that joined the passion of flight simulation and the United States' landmarks. The choice of boston as the main base stems from the founder's affinity with the sports teams of that city, especially the Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. The Eagle is our symbol! Represents the agility of our operations and the view of future from our company. Operating Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as plattaform, our main goal is to simulates, as real as it possible, the operations of a real airline.

What makes us special?

We use the fantastic vAMSYS management system to host the operations of Bush Eagles Airways.
Part of vAMSYS' system, we use Pegasus' ACARS to track our flights. A modern and accurate tracking software.
We use Simbrief integration to plan and brief our flights, making them as real as it possible.
We have a modern, fast and visual book system to select the next flight based on leaflet's map.
Each flight is evaluated by a scoring point's system, that is important for pilots' rate and promotion.
We trust on integration between pilots and staff to make Bush Eagles Airways greater, provided by own Discord and forum.

Callsigns Prefixes used by Bush Eagles Airways:


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Launch Date: 2022-07-03

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A320 | Airbus A320

B737 | Boeing 737-700

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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