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Fly Business, enjoy the world!

EtyAir Virtual Airlines - a non-existent, unregistered, non-profit, informal organization hereinafter referred to as a virtual airline, operating on the VATSIM network.
EtyAir Jets offers charter/ad-hoc air transport for private individuals or companies and cargo (in passenger space).
We are focusing on worldwide operations using Boeing Business Jets. At this moment, our fleet have a Boeing 737-700 BBJ and Boeing 737-800 BBJ2.
We are open for new ideas, everyone can join! As we are a small airline, we have just two pilots, we are looking for people that shares passion to General Aviation and Private Jet operations.

What makes us special?

You can fly everywhere, even the airports that are not very popular or public.
We are using phpVMS with ACARS. Every pilot gets their own aircraft, which is assigned to certain pilot.
There are just a few rules to follow, so you are very welcome!
No activity requirements.
No permanent base, you can base wherever you want!

Callsigns Prefixes used by EtyAir Virtual Airlines:


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General Information

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Launch Date: 2023-11-18

Airline Types

Charter Airline

Aircraft Types

B737 | Boeing 737-700

B738 | Boeing 737-800

Supported Sims

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

P3d v4

P3d v5

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