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Flagship Ukrainian Carrier

Dear pilots, welcome to FlyUIA Virtual Airlines, the flagship Ukrainian carrier. Being the leading and the most prominent virtual airline in Ukraine, we are proud to bring you the closest representation of a real airline. You will be flying to many beautiful and sometimes challenging destinations around the globe. Moreover, we always conduct regular events and simulate occasional flights which the real airline performs, such as wine degustation flights and sightseeing. The variety of our fleet gives you the opportunity to try different aircraft types, from small Embraers to large Boeings. And the beauty here is that we have made it simple for every kind of virtual pilot to start flying with us! Not only did we create an individual training system, but we also prepared a whole pack of operational documents to bring your flying skills to the next level. A friendly community will always help you with any issue you may encounter. Real UIA Captain will always answer your operational questions! We can’t wait to see you flying with us! Join today, and start enjoying your flight experience!

What makes us special?

We are part of a UVAM (Ukrainian Virtual Airlines Management) Alliance! We are a big coalition of several virtual airlines managed by a big group of virtual aviation enthusiasts from all over the world, working and maintaining high-quality virtual airline projects! Our alliance consists of FlyUIA Virtual, SkyUp Virtual, LOT Polish Airlines Virtual, SWISS Virtual, VOLOTEA Virtual, and a few more airline projects in progress! Want to become a pilot of one of our airlines? Check our airline's one MyNextVa Airline Listing! All our airlines have this text in the description and "UVAM Alliance Member" written on the banner! And if you are passionate about working with route schedules, drawing liveries, or doing social media stuff? We would love to have you hired by one of our airlines! Send your applications to [email protected]! With love from Ukraine and all member countries!

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Reviews (37)

  • Ruslan Chuprun
    Aug 28th 2022

    Best configs, liveries and coffee on board! Very friendly community and perfect documentation!

  • Mykhailo Danyliuk
    Aug 28th 2022

    Best configs and liveries! Very friendly community and perfect documentation!

  • Mats
    Apr 9th 2022

    The best VA I have tried so far. I was looking for a way to show support for Ukraine in the flightsim world, but I found an awesome virtual airline with a great community! Very good manuals, liveries, configs, etc. Highly recommended!

  • Kostia Chernyshov
    Feb 5th 2022

    It's absolutely best airline that I had flown! The nice community, documents ( FCOM, FCTM, QRH, SOP ). The best and most realistic configs for aircraft! All livery avalible for X-plane or P3D! Nice and nice airline! I reccomended this airline for Ukrainian pilots and not only. I very pleasure directors and admins that works and uptades new documents, route, aircraft configs! Also very nice that this airline come to VAMSYS with Pegasus client that vey nice as for virtual pilots! I had flown for many virtual ukrainian airlines but here absolutyly another interest. it's very realistic! Thank you for this airline!

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Launch Date: 2021-02-13

Airline Types

Passenger Airline

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Aircraft Types

B738 | Boeing 737-800

B739 | Boeing 737-900

B763 | Boeing 767-300

B77W | Boeing 777-300ER

E190 | Embraer 190 / Lineage 1000

E195 | Embraer 195

Supported Sims

Microsoft Flight Simulator 98

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

P3d v1

P3d v2

P3d v3

P3d v4

P3d v5

X-Plane 10

X-Plane 11

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