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This virtual airline is based on the real world Danish owned airline Jettime. Jettime is a small Danish airline that has a fleet off seven Boeing 737-800 and one Boeing 737-700. As a virtual airline we will do exactly everything that Jettime does in their real flights. Jettime flies many interesting flights – witch means that is all from Point to Point flights or private flights with a family. Jettime flies after a very tight schedule when starting on summer season or winter season, Last winter Jettime did have crew base on Gran Canaria with only one aircraft, that was doing empty flight from Gran Canaria to the North of Finland and North Sweden. When arriving to the north, they picked up passengers and flies back to Gran Canaria full loaded. And that did continue in a while. When they was changing aircraft they simple did a empty flight to Copenhagen and parked the aircraft there and flow a new aircraft empty to Gran Canaria, as virtual airline we did an event for that the whole winter where you could earn points for flying in/out Gran Canaria, and we hope to do the same this year!.

What makes us special?

What makes us special?

Jettime is unique and keeps things simple. We want to make sure that you have a good experiences while flying, and that’s why you now can fly in P3D, XP11/XP12, MSFS. Our liveries is made for free and some is made by Jt | Virtual Team. Our liveries today is free to download and is available for LevelUp 737NG and PMDG NGXu 737-700/800. New liveries will come when PMDG’s new 737-800 will join the fleet witch new stunning liveries.

When joining our Discord server you will be taken care of a wonderful staff that will bring you a warm welcome, and make sure you always will be heard! There are two staff members in Jt | Virtual where each have their role to play. Our brilliant route manger (staff) will always update you pilots what Jettime is flying in their real world flights, and he will add the routes/callsigns in our homeside where you pilots are able to fly it!. The second staff member is a very warm for everyone that has decided to join and he will always make sure that you have a wonderful time in the server!

Jt | Virtual

Callsigns Prefixes used by Jt | Virtual:


Reviews (3)

  • Carl - JTD0039
    Jan 26th 2023

    Nice airline with great staff and routes

  • [email protected]
    Dec 6th 2022

    Over 42 flight for vJTD, abosolute lovely staff and pilots! Great route schedule and always up to date! :)

  • JTD0021
    Dec 6th 2022

    Best airline out the #JT

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