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PIA Virtual, also referred to as PIAv is Pakistan's only & largest VATSIM certified virtual airline. Established in 2014, PIAv is a platform for flight simulator enthusiasts who share an affection of PIA and Pakistan. PIAv acts as a community for these 'Virtual Pilots' and allows them to embark on a virtual career through the ranks of Trainee First Officer, First Officer, Captain, Commander of a ATR-42 & ATR-72, Airbus A320 & Boeing 777, the organization has continued to serve the needs of flight simmers in Pakistan, and around the world. Over this time, our professional team of Admins & developers has worked hard to represent Pakistan and Pakistani aviation in the world of flight simulation.

PIA Virtual is in no way affiliated with Pakistan International Airlines, or any of their affiliates. Simply put, we exist for the sole purpose of providing an increased level of enjoyment for flight simmers around the globe.
While we take great effort to provide a somewhat realistic experience for virtual pilots, our website is exclusively for simulation only and should never be used for real world operations. All attributes of our website are property of PIA Virtual and may not be used for commercial use at any time.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a high quality, realistic, virtual aviation experience to all flight sim enthusiasts. We will help pilots of all skills, ages, race and sex to achieve their full potential as virtual airline pilots.

Who We Are

PIAv is a well-recognized, dedicated, independent, and free of charge virtual airline open to enthusiasts participating in the flight simulation community worldwide. We offer flight operations similar to a real world airline, enabling you to experience what it is like to be a commercial pilot.
The best part of PIAv is that we bring real people together people who share your passion for flight simulation, allowing you to create friendships which span the globe.

Our aim is to be a pro-active, market-orientated organization. Through our continued, innovative development we aim to become one of the world’s leading virtual aviation organizations renowned for setting standards.

What makes us special?

Benefits for the Pilots
We are keen to give more professional atmosphere and technology to our pilots so they can feel the realism of aviation world, we have gathered best possible technology which can differentiate us from other existing virtual airlines in the world. We have introduced free giveaways for the pilots of the month.

What we offer to our pilots;
*Real world Schedules
*Real Booking Schedule System
*vPilot Awards
*Live Vatsim Events with ATC services
*Bonus Hours if flown on Vatsim events (Conditions Apply)
*Discord Channel
*Points System for Pilots
*Customized Download Section
*Pilot of the Month - Free Give aways along with certification

Including Regional Affiliates Serene Air, Airblue, Air Sial & Fly Jinnah & codeshare flights with Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, Air China, Qatar Airways, Sir Lankan and many more!

What's more, PIAv is now actively working to move out from the "virtual" world, and through the help and support of VATSIM, encourage flight simmers to take this magnificent hobby to a whole new level. We have dedicated Team who can help and support beginners to learn Virtual Flying tips and tricks required to fly on VATSIM network.
Long live unity of the pilots.

All Questions or Support inquiries can be sent to [email protected]

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Reviews (10)

  • Raja Fateh Mohammad | Fateh | PIA588
    Dec 8th 2022

    My very first VA that I joined a few years back, they have very good staff! Realism too. They follow strict procedures that are based in real life. They teach you how to operate a certain aircraft from start-up to shutdown. We have Voice Chat nights that are very fun! Fun schedules especially codeshares, and if you want to fly a custom route, they have charter. Group flights too. Overall the best VA!

  • Yahya Omer | PIA520
    Dec 8th 2022

    This was the first VA I ever joined, and have never felt a need to join another one. This VA dates back to 2004, and is prolly one of the oldest va's out there as well. Has a very professional crew and admin team. Love the community and the amount of realism, can't even get started on that. No cap, this is prolly the best VA someone can join if they want to have a proper airline pilot experience from their home computers and want to explore the world. These guys got us covered, from North to South and from East to West. All Pakistani airlines as well as quite a few other Codeshare airlines as well. Also, if you're a new pilot and are getting to know this simulator world thingy, I would highly recommend this va as everyone's super helpful and have years of experience in this sector. I don't think anyone one reading this needs to think anymore; come-on man, sign up already. LOL!

  • Zayan Khurram
    Dec 6th 2022

    This VA was the first one I ever became part of. And by far is the most realistic, up-to-date virtual airline I've ever been part of. The staff is very accommodating for every member. This virtual airline has an exceptionally well Charter flight system, allowing you to fly anywhere at all. The vast variety of international codeshares allow you to travel around the world's major cities. All in all a totally new reform to my flight simulator experience

  • Ejaz Khan
    Dec 5th 2022

    im the part of this most realistic VA since they have started the operations. Still enjoying their realistic schedules, flying in different airliners and recently the addition of the 7 STAR airline Qatar Airways this is the best thing happened so far in my opinion. Wising best of luck to the future.

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