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We are pike air a virtual airline with a large fleet of airliners to small propeller planes and helicopters, We offer passenger, cargo, island hopper and vip charter services with a large network of routes out of our 6 Hubs around the world (EGKK, KATL, VABB, EGPO and ENVA ) suiting all skill levels for people, if there’s any problems we are happy to happy your flight siming needs. We will also do weekly landing challengers, group flights and quizzes.
Our community is small, friendly and relaxed so if you’re looking for a VA where you can fit right in this is the place, there's no exams what so ever, if you like to earn your planes by getting hours we have that to or if you want to skip it you can. Enjoy collecting awards like in a game,can you get a 100% collection?

What makes us special?

If you are new and looking for a new virtual airline then this is the place to start lots of planes to choose from and we are a small and fun community so you'll get all the help you need from us.
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Reviews (6)

  • Formerly PIE32
    Feb 21st 2023

    online version of North Korea. Doesn't worth it to join

    • Pike Air
      Feb 21st 2023
      You where islamophobic and Racist to other memebers which is unacceptable in our server and i am sure you know what you have done. Then you proceed to try and make everything about your self and take this route of complaining instead of talking it out. Sad it had to end this way.
  • Soldy - PIE106
    Feb 1st 2023

    As a person who is passed his year anniversary in this community, i can say that the amount of work that CEO and the team did, is just crazy. Starting from website, finishing with amount of routes and planes. Love to be part of this small, but growing community. Pike air, the only way to travel!

    • Pike Air
      Feb 1st 2023
      Thanks for your kind words, we strive to get better everyday here and create a VA for everyone not just the experienced
  • Capt.Tupolev
    Jan 7th 2023

    Ive flown on various VAs but i would say pike air is the best. Im mainly a cargo pilot but i also fly pax. The freedom to choose the type of flight and aircraft evertime is a good thing for me. One day if i fly my fav aircraft the 747 with over 100tonns of freight in it, the next day i can fly a 737 with pax in it. There are also people who like to fly GA aircrafts and private jets. so in pike air you can literally be a all rounder. im wishing all the best to the management team at pike air VA for their future and i hope they will become the best VA in the world. Cheers, capt.tupolev

    • Pike Air
      Jan 7th 2023
      This is coming from our most skiled pilot we have
  • Velocity I PIE31
    Dec 8th 2022

    I've done a blithering good job and I am very proud of myself and everyone

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Launch Date: 2022-09-13

Airline Types

Passenger Airline

Cargo Airline

Charter Airline

Aircraft Types

A20N | Airbus A320neo

A306 | Airbus A300-600

A30B | Airbus A300B2, A300B4, and A300C4

A310 | Airbus A310-200

A319 | Airbus A319

A321 | Airbus A321

A333 | Airbus A330-300

A346 | Airbus A340-600

A359 | Airbus A350-900

A3ST | Airbus A300-600ST "Super Transporter" / "Beluga"

B38M | Boeing 737 MAX 8

B737 | Boeing 737-700

B738 | Boeing 737-800

B744 | Boeing 747-400

B748 | Boeing 747-8I

B752 | Boeing 757-200

B753 | Boeing 757-300

B762 | Boeing 767-200

B763 | Boeing 767-300

B772 | Boeing 777-200 / Boeing 777-200ER

B779 | Boeing 777-9

B77L | Boeing 777-200 Freighter

B788 | Boeing 787-8

C208 | Cessna 208 Caravan

C750 | Cessna Citation X

CONC | Concorde

DH8D | De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q

E170 | Embraer 170

E195 | Embraer 195

F50 | Fokker 50

MD11 | McDonnell Douglas MD-11

PC6T | Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter

Supported Sims

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

P3d v5

X-Plane 11

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