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Southwest Virtual Airlines simulates the real world flight operations of Southwest Airlines. At Southwest Virtual Airlines we provide an environment where pilots of all experience levels and interests are challenged and intellectually stimulated in the pursuit of their hobby. With state of the art flight planning and reporting systems we take pride in our accuracy to ensure complete realism when you log in to fly. From VATSIM Pilot ratings to Southwest specific training. Live dispatchers, and large scale group events we have a team that's dedicated to you! Come fly with us today at!

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  • Sergio Valenzuela
    Dec 8th 2023

    I can say this is a top VA, they have an awesome community and staff is super engaged. OMG the flight tracking software is just the best around, no VA comes close to their software, just beautiful. They are super true by sticking to Southwest routes only, For me the only downside which it shouldn't be a negative point because it goes against the idea of a SW VA is that you can only fly in the US but if you are only focused on flying in the states, you should definitely try this VA is just the best, beautiful and awesome. Incredible!

  • [email protected]
    Oct 26th 2022

    I've been involved in VAs since 1997. This is the best, by far, that I've ever seen. Having the daily real world timetable, including gate numbers and actual aircraft scheduled for the flight (at time of publishing) as far and above what I've ever seen. The resources, including checklists, procedures, training videos, etc, are icing on the cake.

  • Alex Pfeifer
    Oct 11th 2022

    Really enjoying the community and resources that Southwest Virtual provides. Highly recommend if your a 737 pilot!!!

  • SWA14925
    Oct 5th 2022

    My first VA after flying offline for a few years. Very welcoming and have a lot of resources/help for new pilots.

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