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UKVirtual is a virtual Airline based on community flying, giving pilots the ability to fly were they want, when they want, in the aircraft of there choice. With over 170 airlines and 40,000+ schedules to choose from, we have something for everyone. This includes the full schedule base of the likes of Ryanair, American Airlines, EasyJet, Southwest, Emirates etc etc so why just fly for one airline when you can have them all in one place ? We are a VATSIM recognized airline, running monthly events, competitions and prize draws. Come and have a look at what we have to offer!

What makes us special?

Ever since we were founded back in 2012 as a casual flying group, we have gone from strength to strength. UK virtual has stood the test of time, moving rapidly, evolving and always adopting a unique and unbreakable spirit of community.

At UK virtual, we offer our members ultimate flexibility about where they fly. Our members can choose from thousands of pre-defined airline schedules, or they can define their own flight using Charter Mode.

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Reviews (18)

  • [email protected]
    Apr 22nd 2023

    By far the best VA for choice, being able to fly all aircraft, all airlines and all routes. Regular group flights and an active community make a fun and immersive experience.

  • UNI1557 Peter
    Apr 22nd 2023

    My absolute favorite virtual airline! The best things with UKv are the massive amount of schedules to fly (from hundreds of airlines) and that you have the freedom to fly any plane and livery you want. This is perfect for me as I like to fly classic planes like the MD80, B727 and DC6 now and then. One other thing that stands out are the tours (for both GA and airliners) which are exchanged two times a year. One last thing, the staff are super great and the Discord server is friendly and active. I can highly recommend this VA!

  • UNI1868 (Paul)
    Apr 22nd 2023

    Well the reviews here reflect my thoughts and having been a part of the flight simming world for a couple of decades, I needed to show my support for what has become to me... the best Virtual Airline I have ever come across. In my experience I have spent some time with other, sometimes better known VA's but they do not come close to the experience that this VA provides. For me the draw to a VA is the sense of purpose it gives to your flying experience and UK Virtual does this in an abundance, with an enormous catalogue of airlines, schedules and tours covering a wide variety of aircraft over all platforms at your disposal. But this VA goes way further than that, this is a community and a very friendly one. Offering support for every topic in a very welcoming environment, add to that the competitions and events coupled with live chat , screenshot galleries etc on Discord. It is a very friendly, inclusive and comprehensive VA that continues to evolve, with the pilots interests at heart. It is clear that a great deal of effort goes into this VA all the time.... but for me, after many years of trying to find the perfect VA, my search stopped when I found UKVirtual. It is everything a virtual pilot could wish for..... and I cant recommend it enough! Blue Skies :)

  • Drew Melia UNI1919
    Apr 22nd 2023

    I've been with several virtual airlines over the years, but UK virtual has to be the best. It offers flexibility to fly almost any aircraft you can imagine, emulating real world routes, a hugely supportive membership, and all the latest flight sim news via their discord channel. Regular group flights, frequent competitions with great prizes. It supports every simulation platform and is fully integrated with Simbrief. Its so easy, pick a route, go to Simbrief and generate your OFP, load it into the ACARS tracker, and head to the flight deck. Fly on line or off, chat with fellow pilots via discord during your trip, it has everything. In my view, UK Virtual is the best VA out there. Join! you won't regret it. Drew.

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