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vAAL is a virtual airline based on the real world operations of American Airlines. We support the three major flight simulation platforms: MSFS, P3D, and XP. We have updated AAL flight schedules, including the mainline fleet as well as American's regional partners: PSA, Piedmont, Skywest, Mesa, and Republic.

What makes us special?

1. vAAL is brought to you by the same team who run vspirit, the largest and most active virtual airline modeled on Spirit Airlines in the flight simulation community. Since it launched, vspirit has grown to over 500 members with over 12,000 PIREPs filed, so we know what it takes to sustain an active, high-quality community. In only the first two days after vAAL launched, we accumulated over 200 members with over 150 PIREPs filed.

2. Our VA runs on VAMSYS, the latest and most powerful virtual airline management system available. With SimBrief integration included, you will be able to quickly and easily choose your flight, generate a detailed briefing package, and get flying!

3. We don't believe in corporate role play -- there isn’t a “CEO” and this isn't a pretend job. We're just aviation enthusiasts who love flight simulation and want to create a virtual airline experience that is realistic where it counts, but relaxed and informal where it doesn't.

4. We enjoy access to a private, commercial flight schedule API that enables us to provide our members with accurate, high-quality schedule data. We routinely update our schedule database, and we also include schedules for all American Eagle regional airline partners. We also include a full mainline timetable for American from 2000, giving you access to classic aircraft like the MD-80 and A300.

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Reviews (9)

  • Logan Channel | AAL0716
    Jan 7th 2023

    Airline is really chill and supportive. Requires some common sense but offers enough freedom to where it doesn't feel like a second job. Honestly have never seen another VA strike this balance so well. Staff is cognizant of both real world operations and simulator limitations, and work their hardest to make everyone happy, while still maintaining realism. :)

  • John|AAL0206
    Dec 26th 2022

    Wow. Been a VA simmer for 10 years. vAAL is hands down the best. vAMSYS with SABRE is an unbeatable combination. Nothing better than having a RW and UP-TO-DATE schedule to pick from, flying the real aircraft that actually fly that trip, no substitutes, then logging in to PilotEdge, then the challenge of departing and arriving on time. Awesome experience. I’ve found my home for this airline at vAAL!

  • AAL0014
    Dec 24th 2022

    Easily the best American Airlines virtual airline on the internet. Knowledgeable and helpful staff, a great community, and SABRE is an amazing resource. Not to mention the great schedule selection!

  • AAL0086 | Sam L.
    Dec 23rd 2022

    By far my favorite VA I have been part of. The staff and community are very welcoming! Furthermore, the team at vAAL has put together a handy website called SABRE that lists and sorts all the information needed for operations. From livery recommendations to aircraft operation checklists and procedures, the information itself is worth digging through and learning! Definitely recommend checking out and joining vAAL! There is no strict mentality in vAAL, just a professional yet laid-back approach to simulating an airline's operations with a very welcoming community!

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Launch Date: 2022-12-15

Airline Types

Passenger Airline

Aircraft Types

A21N | Airbus A321neo

A306 | Airbus A300-600

A319 | Airbus A319

A320 | Airbus A320

A321 | Airbus A321

B722 | Boeing 727-200

B738 | Boeing 737-800

B752 | Boeing 757-200

B762 | Boeing 767-200

B763 | Boeing 767-300

B772 | Boeing 777-200 / Boeing 777-200ER

B773 | Boeing 777-300

B77L | Boeing 777-200 Freighter

B77W | Boeing 777-300ER

B788 | Boeing 787-8

B789 | Boeing 787-9

CRJ7 | Canadair Regional Jet 700 | Regional Jet 550

CRJ9 | Canadair Regional Jet 900

E145 | Embraer RJ145

E170 | Embraer 170

E75L | Embraer 175 (long wing)

E75S | Embraer 175 (short wing)

F100 | Fokker 100

MD11 | McDonnell Douglas MD-11

MD82 | McDonnell Douglas MD-82

MD83 | McDonnell Douglas MD-83

MD88 | McDonnell Douglas MD-88

MD90 | McDonnell Douglas MD-90

Supported Sims

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

P3d v4

P3d v5

X-Plane 11

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