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We're vRYR, one of Europe's biggest virtual airlines. We've flown the skies above us since 2013, and have since welcomed over 24,000 flight simulation enthusiasts into our community. As we embark on various staff team changes, we're looking to give our pilots an even greater pilot experience. Our virtual airline simulates the real-world airline down to the waypoint, offering the exact fleet and liveries, alongside study-level documents and resources to provide you with the most immersive experience on offer.

What makes us special?

Despite over 21,000 pilots on roster, we keep our community small. Our Discord server gives our pilots the opportunity to introduce themselves, make friendships and share their burning passions for aviation. No matter your background, knowledge or experience, there's a place for you in our community. We take pride in what we offer to pilots; whether it be our up-to-date routes, study-level resources or useful support and advice.

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Reviews (13)

  • Morten - RYR1745
    Oct 28th 2021

    Been a part of this VA for years. May not always been the most active pilot, but I will say I have always enjoyed it. The VA is one of the few, which have a dedicated and in depth SOP inspired from the real airline of the 737. I think that adds a lot to the immersion when flying. That is also one of the reasons I fly this airline a lot, and of course the very diverse route network. You are never bored in vryr!

    • vRYR
      Nov 30th 2022
      Thanks for the kind words Morten!
  • Ondra Krontorad
    Oct 22nd 2021

    Very good airline! And best liveries from Daniel

    • vRYR
      Apr 17th 2022
      Thanks Ondra!
  • RYR16209
    Oct 12th 2021

    Very enjoyable virtual airline. Plenty of resources ,support & events to keep engaged and VA Staff are always very friendly and helpful.

    • vRYR
      Oct 25th 2021
      Cheers for the nice comment, Dan!
  • Andrii
    Sep 30th 2021

    Very bad airline. I don’t like it. Vamsys always lags. No configs or checklists. No OM’s

    • vRYR
      Oct 25th 2021
      Firstly, let me apologise about your bad experience at vRYR. Please drop us a message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Discord if you want to chat further. Unfortunately, vAMSYS lags aren’t something we can control. We have configs and checklists on vAMSYS under the resources tab.

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