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vspirit models the real world operations of Spirit Airlines, a US based ultra low cost carrier based out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL that operates an exclusively Airbus fleet. Our VA is built on the ultra modern vAMSYS platform and we have a member list of over 500 users and growing with an active community on our Discord.

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  • NKS2965
    Dec 24th 2022

    The best Spirit VA in the community!

  • Gurudutt K N
    Oct 28th 2021

    Just an absolutely STUNNING VA. This was the second VA I ever joined, and is just perfect with it's amazing community, cheerful discord, easy scheduling (like any other VAMSYS VA) and so much more. Oh, and in my personal opinion, I feel like vSpirit's launch was when VAMSYS thought, "alright, so we have too many american based carriers to not support pounds. Let's do it then" and that was a huge improvement to the entire platform. Another important thing for us hobbyists is that there isn't a minimum requirement of flights per month or something like that, which is also perfect in vSpirit. You don't get kicked if you don't do 1 flight in 2 weeks, unlike in vCLX, among others. You have everything you need, and just an error I saw in the features list on this page, vSpirit does not force you to fly real world schedules. We have pretty much every route you could possibly fly with Spirit, and if you like, of course, you could manually schedule it parallel to the real world flight.

  • Carda Jowol
    Oct 26th 2021

    First VA I entered and now joined a few more, but this one I find the most satisfying, the community is great its relaxed and not overly complicated and there is a life to the VA where some VAs tend to be very quiet. Lots of fun made with this VA

  • Aleem
    Oct 26th 2021

    vspirit is a fantastic virtual airline run by a great group of folks that are dedicated to maintaining realistic yet enjoyable operations. From support help to casual banter, vspirit is the place to go for your virtual airline fill.

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Launch Date: 2021-02-13

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A319 | Airbus A319

A320 | Airbus A320

A321 | Airbus A321

MD82 | McDonnell Douglas MD-82

MD83 | McDonnell Douglas MD-83

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

P3d v4

P3d v5

X-Plane 11

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