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At ZIP VIRTUAL, we aim to make flying for a virtual airline a fun and easy experience. If you have never flown for a virtual airline before, or you're a veteran with thousands of hours, we'd love to welcome you on board!

We are a low pressure, friendly airline to fly for with little minimum hour requirements, realistic & dynamic schedules, wet lease operations and ad-hoc charters! We are sure you'll be able to fly what you want, when you want, where you want.

With scheduled airline operations based at Edinburgh, Luton & Manchester, you can fly all over Europe and the rest of the world with our fleet of aircraft.

Your flights will be electronically dispatched and logged through our website and ACARS which rates your flight performance, tracks your landing rate and more.

Have a look around our website for more information on ZIP VIRTUAL, you'll find everything from our interactive route map, to details of our fleet and operations.

Operating three hubs means you have the choice and flexibility to fly a huge, diverse selection of routes. Our scheduled services in the UK, Europe and our charter and wet lease operations mean you'll always be able to find the perfect flight for you.

For full immersion, we also have custom safety demonstrations, airport reference guides, line operation manuals, dedicated equipment checklists, online AI model matching and an automated ACARS software.

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What makes us special?

• Realistic route network
• Realistic OFP format
• Regular group flights
• Friendly and active community

Callsigns Prefixes used by ZIP VIRTUAL:


Reviews (5)

  • ZIP003 - Scott
    Mar 3rd 2023

    best bunch of guys to fly with, relaxed community and very solid vision for the airline. ive invested a lot of time for zip with more to give and im looking forward to see where it goes in the future

      Mar 3rd 2023
      It's a pleasure to have you on board with us Scott, but please can we lessen the language. Whilst we realise it's normal for you, the word Teesside may offend others.
  • Andy Joy
    Mar 18th 2022

    Great VA very friendly and flexible

      Mar 19th 2022
      Thanks for your kind words Andy, we love having you around!
  • ZIP005 | Harry
    Mar 18th 2022

    I joined when I met Alex, and its been a blast, we are all very close, and very good friends. Do recommend you join.

      Mar 19th 2022
      Love having you on board Harry! Thanks for being with us.
  • ZIP085|Mattias Adielson
    Dec 4th 2021

    I am quit new in this warm and friendley community. And I am impressed. If you have questions you get quick answers, and there is plenty of routs and different planes to fly, and it is evolving al the time with new routs. I feel like my simulation expreience i developed much after i joined ZIP and I fly more serious with checklists and so on. I can recomend ZIP with my whole heart. :)

      Jan 7th 2022
      As you know Mattias, the staff team really enjoy having you on board. Thank you for joining us and being an active member of our community.

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